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Joan Troth (the wife of Lyle K0IV SK) asked if I would pass along the following message. "When I sold Lyle's radio stuff, one of the hams was happy to buy a large metal desk. Is there a reason why hams like heavy metal desks? My friend Maudie Weller is down-sizing and would like to sell 2 metal desks. They are 59" wide, 30" deep, and 29" high with a middle drawer, 3 on the left and 2 on the right. Her number is 945-5957. They list new for $400-$650. Her price would start around $200.
(posted 2-17-13)

      Antenna Tuner:  LDG AT-200Pro.  200 watt rated autotuner.  Selling because I've upgraded to a higher power LDG model for my amplifier.  This has two antenna outputs and 2000+ tune memories.  I've owned five LDG tuners [and still have some] and they are great.  Manual, power cord, coax jumper, possible interface cords - have to check on those.  $135.
      Antenna Tuner:  MFJ -949 Versa Tuner II - this is a roller inductor tuner rated to 300 watts with cross needle metering, antenna switch and a roller inductor.  Note:  The MFJ lower price inductors are a bit flaky when used with an analyzer but a bit of a wiggle works and once power is applied, it's fine.  Case is rather ugly/scratched on top.  Has balun works coax feed, open wire or random wire.  Also handles 6 meters.  $60.
     SWR meter:  Daiwa cross needle model CN-410m, up to 150 MHz and 150 watts.  $15.
     Switching Power Supply:  3 amp 13.2 volt power supply, good for your cell phone car cord or other small loads like a scanner or an HT or a tuner in your shack.  Has terminals on back, cigar lighter plug on front, power switch.  Small perhaps 4" x 1.5" x 5" deep.  $15.
     For more information or to purchase these items, please e-mail Eric, NA0AA at bmweric@hotmail.com
(posted 10-31-12)

Joan Troth (970-945-0668) has 2 of Lyle’s (K0IV-SK) antennas for sale.They are very reasonably priced, are fully assembled and on the ground. A cherry picker was used to remove them. No manuals.
#1 - Force 12 linearly loaded two element 40 MB beam. ($150)
#2 – Force 12 C3 Tribander (10/15/20) MBs. ($250)
Rivets hold the elements together. Some careful drilling is required to disassemble for moving. Please call Joan if you are interested. (posted 7-9-12)

Ten Tec RX-320-D Software controlled receiver
It's this black box: http://www.tentec.com/products/RX%252d320D-HF-Receiver.html which connects to your computer through a serial cable (or USB to serial cable). Requires an external antenna. Read the reviews http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/1341 This is a good way to get to know HF prior to being licensed. $100 in as new condition. Available for loan as well. Contact Ash (KQ0C) at 970-704-0250 or ashton.r.lee@hotmail.com (posted 12-12-2011)

Kenwood 570 D Tranceiver (160meters -10 meters)
This is an ideal all purpose HF rig, with 100 watt output, a very good internal tuner, and easy to set up computer rig control. http://www.universal-radio.com/catalog/hamhf/1570.html This particular radio also has the narrow CW filter, and a CW auto tuning feature. Similar to the radio we have used in the Field Day GOTA tent for several years. Has a mic, manual and power cord. Everything works. I purchased this one specifically to resell at my cost to new SCARC hams... so its available at my cost of $675. I'll try to replace this one when it is gone so we have this type of rig (either the Kenwood TS-570 or Icom 746) available for new people. I can probably lend a power supply and antenna until you have the chance to get these. Reviews for the TS 570: http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/237 Contact Ash (KQ0C) at 970-704-0250 or ashton.r.lee@hotmail.com
(posted 12-12-2011)

HF Rig
Selling my IC-725...a decent little rig in good condition. I am the second owner of this rig, which hasn't seen a lot of use. The radio works perfectly...no issues. Cosmetically, I'd give it an 8.5. It has a few small scuffs, etc.  Has no filters or boards...just the radio, mic, power cord, and the instruction manual. I do not have the original box.  Email Scott (KH7QT) at macword@gmail.com or call (970)270-7595. I’m located in Paonia.  Price: $265
(posted 11-26-11)

Kenwood TS 130 S
This is an 80-10 meter radio with the WARC bands, just a bit over 100 watts. It will come with a hand mic, and power cable and a tuner could be included if needed one. As with all of these early solid state radios it is a bit drifty at first, but has had an overhaul recently and is working to spec. No manual but they are on the internet. $250.00 Contact Ash (KQ0C) at 970-704-0250 or ashton.r.lee@hotmail.com
(posted 11-25-2011)

Ten-Tec Omni VI-plus
This is a 160-10 meter radio introduced in 1997. It has a legendary receiver and CW keying. The radio is set up with the narrow SSB filter, but no CW filters other than the standard narrow setting. It comes with 2 Ten Tec desk mikes and the Heil hedset adapter. A tuner could be included in some deal. This radio links to a computer as if it were an iCom - through a iCom link box. This is the radio used in the Field Day CW tent. Has a manual. $650.00 Contact Ash (KQ0C) at 970-704-0250 or ashton.r.lee@hotmail.com
(posted 11-25-2011)


Do you have any back up radios, antennae of various vintages, or other assorted ham goodies that you are willing to lend? New hams and/or those wanting to try gear out before buying (and dealing with the hassles and risks of shipping) would be very appreciative!

Stay tuned for postings . . .


Send your text/picture to Trish Hittinger at MountainMamaT@msn.com, including your your name and contact information. Please note that SCARC can assume no liability for any equipment sales or loans.

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