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     The Ski Country Amateur Radio Club (SCARC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Colorado Corporation, based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We cover a large portion of western Colorado, including Garfield, Pitkin, and Eagle counties.
     We consist of people of all ages who are interested in ham radio. Most are already ham operators; we welcome and provide testing for those who are not.


Our December meeting will the the annual Christmas Party (see below). Our meeting schedule for 2018 will be posted as soon as it is determined.

CONTRATULATIONS to the individuals below who passed their Technician test at the November 17 meeting. From the left are Dave Rahn (Tester), Dennis Levin (new Tech), Kevin Dye (new Tech), Bryan Frank and Phil Krichbaum (both Testers).


YOU AND YOUR FAMILY are cordially invited to this year’s annual Ski Country Amateur Radio Club Pot Luck Christmas Party on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 2:00 PM. We hope to see you there!! Sue and Bob

WHERE: At the home of Sue (N0DBY) and Bob (K9MWM) Ludtke
406 Yale Circle in Glenwood Springs, Colorado   945-8722

BRING: Please bring a favorite hot or cold dish to share (hors d’oeuvre, salad, main dish, or dessert). Bob and Sue will provide drinks, dishes, and a little of everything to eat. Please also bring some non-perishable food items to be donated to the needy for Christmas.

UPGRADING: If you are ready to upgrade, VE testing will be conducted before the party, at 1:00 PM

DIRECTIONS: Exit I-70 at Glenwood Springs exit 116. Turn west on Hwy. 6 & 24. Turn right on Traver Trail, just below the Glenwood Caverns tramline. Drive up one mile from Hwy 6 & 24 on the paved road to Yale Circle. Turn right on Yale Circle. Ours is the first house on the left in the cul de sac. Map shown below.


Every Tuesday morning Hams gather at the Glenwood Springs Village Inn (102 West 6th Street) for breakfast and conversation. We meet at 8:00 am (our original time) (vs 9:00 am which we've been using lately). We usually have 10-12 hams but had 19 at the last several breakfasts - just look for the loud group having lots of fun!


Time: 8:30 p.m. local time
Frequencies: Check in on 146.88, 146.67 or 447.1 (click here for offset and PL details). Also linked to Echolink via N0SWE-R (#243117)/ IRLP (#7287). The net covers a great portion of the Western Slope of Colorado utilizing the SCARC's repeater system and the Grand Mesa Repeater Association's repeater system.
Content: The net consists of announcements, general check in, ARRL Audio News, and all those checking in are given an opportunity to speak to the net. Visiting stations are welcome and all Amateurs are encouraged to participate.
Net Control: If you are willing to be Net Control, please contact Charles (KJ7TS).


Our club will be holding a two day Technician’s class license session (dates to be scheduled). The Technician’s test will follow the training. Contact Dave Rahn KD0WQC at 970-625-5019 if interested.


VISIT OUR BLOG at https://k0rv.wordpress.com  

NOTE: Everything below will be moved to the "Scrapbook" page

                Silent Key - Eric Rosenquist - NA0AA passed away
                   Thursday, May 18th during Post Heart Surgery
Memorial Service Information: Set for Saturday, June 24th 2017 on Vail Mountain at Mid-Vail (2PM).  Parking is still free in Vail, in the Summer, so folks will meet at Vail's Gondola One (Vail Village) for the ride up to Mid-Vail.  Plan to meet at the base of Gondola One from 1:30 - 1:45PM that Saturday.  N0ECT does not know if any local Hams were involved in the scheduling of Eric's Memorial.

MANY THANKS to all of you who planned and participated in FIELD DAY ON June 23-25, 2017. It was a huge success!


We had a great turnout for this annual event. Eric Grumling (K0JEG) started us off with an extremely interesting program on drones. He brought three different models for us to examine.

Close up of the drone Eric let us fly.

Several of us wanted the controls!

Then it was time for the foxhunt.

Fox hunt teams looked for the "fox" in Pat's spacious back yard.

Fox Hunt Winners!
1st   Sophia Harwood and Dad Jeremy (KE0HQO) - not pictured
2nd  Frank McKibbon (N0AFO)
3rd  Team Betty Rahn (KD0YDH) and Debbie Buckley (KE0KRM)
4th  Bill Norman (N0MID)
Far Right: Brent Williams (KD0WAK) who did a great job organizing and running the Fox Hunt - THANKS, BRENT!

Our annual get-together and fox hunt was again hosted by Pat Fitzgerald (KV0K) at his beautiful home complete with many antennas and a gorgeous view.       THANK YOU, PAT!


In a two day Tech class held March/April and led by Ken Rahn KB0HP, 15 people passed the exam (with several testing again at a future date). This was the largest group ever tested with Ski Country Amateur Radio Club!
KE0MMN Dave Hallenbeck (Clifton)       KE0MMO Christina Mowdy (GJ)
KE0MMP James Williams (GJ)               KE0MMQ Hank Owenby (Clifton)
KE0MMR Andrew Bent (Delta)              KE0MMS Glenn Thompson (Aspen)
KE0MMT Alyson Breuche (New Castle)  KE0MMU Larry Bergen (New Castle)
KE0MMV Kenny Swartz* (New Castle)    KE0MMW Dean Nelson (GJ)
KE0MMX Tom Kearns (GJ)                   KE0MMY Jerimiah Cooper (Parachute)
KE0MMZ  Don Davis (Rifle)                 KE0MNA Bill Cole (Rifle)
KE0MNB John Milligan (Craig)
* Kenny is the first to participate in our Sunday Night Net!

Special thanks to Ken for organizing the class and doing an outstanding teaching job. His co-instructors were Dave Rahn KD0WQC and Jim Legg AD0LI. Others who helped with the class were Betty Rahn KD0YDH, Gerry Hittinger N6HUQ, Brent Williams KD0WAK and Dave Bowers K4FMJ.

Thanks also to Volunteer Examiners (VE) who gave the exam at the conclusion of the class Clark Heckert K3NI, Bob Ludtke K9MWM, Bryan Frank N0THY and Gary Haas AC0UZ.

Pictured in the attachment are : Bryan (N0THY) VE coordinator, Debbie
(KE0KRM) New Tech, Bob (K9MWM) VE, and Clark (K3NI) VE. Debbie is the wife of Pete (N0ECT), and she has applied for a vanity call. Should be approved soon! Say hi to her on the air.

New hams & upgrades at the 10-16 Meeting - CONGRATULATIONS!
VE - Jess Craig - W6CKC
New Tech - Dennis Fitzpatrick - KE0KLP
New Extra - Dennis Bader - AD0VU
VE Coordinator - Bryan Frank - N0THY
New Tech - Matthew Starr - KE0KLO
New Tech - Wayne Starr - KE0KLN
VE - Pete Buckley - N0ECT

Fantastic meeting (April 16, 2016. Wampler, WA7EWC, did a great technical program on his new IC-7300 SDR radio. What a radio. The presentation was so convincing that several attendees ordered their own by that afternoon. Bob Cutter, KI0G, did a presentation on his new computerized $17 microscope which he uses for viewing soldier joints during kit building. CE displayed his new antenna launcher. Looks like over kill to get that string over a tree branch, but it works. Finally, Dennis Bader, KE0IHB, upgraded to General. Congrats! The picture above shows Dennis (KE0IHB) new General, VE Robert (K5WRE), VE Gary (AC0UZ), and VE Bryan (N0THY).

Ted Wetzel, KE0TY is a Silent Key

It is with sadness that we announce that Ted Wetzel, KE0TY, passed away Monday November 23rd. It is hard to find a more competent engineer and supporter of Amateur Radio. Ted was always available to assist our Club freely with his time and expertise when we faced difficult technical communication problems. We first met Ted in 1978 when we were installing the first hardline on the Sunlight repeater. His most recent club project was the construction and installation of both the IRLP and Echo Link interface computers for Sunlight. Thanks for all the help through the years, my friend. Rest well!


Thanks to all who attended the Fox Hunt & Pot Luck picnic this past weekend. Special thanks to Pat (KV0K) who hosted the outing at his home and Bob (KI0G) who did a great job hiding the Fox.

Pictured below are the 4 winners and Bob (KI0G). Dave (KD0WQC) & Bill tied for 3rd, Bob (KI0G), Chuck (N0NHJ) 1st place and Joe (A0CF) 2nd place. Prizes were awarded to all the winners!

We had 14 total Fox hunters. Pictured below are other hunters: Brent (KD0WAK), Betty (KD0YDH), Ken KD0HP, Sue N0DBY and Ken (KW5KJW) and their Fox hunting gear!

Also at the May Fox Hunt meeting, Carmen (KD0VOX) pictured below passed her General. CONGRATULATIONS! Pictured are VE Clark (K3NI), VE Phil (N0KE), New General Carmen (KD0VOX), and VE Bob (K9MWM).

Ed DeStefano (now KE0DFZ) pass his Tech test at our April Club meeting. Pictured below are VE Pete (N0ECT), VE Bob (KI0G), New Tech Ed (KE0DFZ) Carbondale, VE Bryan (N0THY), and VE Bob (K9MWM).

(April 5, 2015)

Written by Caleb Begly; the others mentioned are Liam (KD0HDF) and Alex (KD0RML).

I just wanted to say a quick hi. I have been here at CSU for a little over a year now and I figured today was a good time to give an update.
While I've been here, Liam, a guy named Alex Cabrall, and I managed to restart the CSU ARC club here on campus which has been inactive for years. We've been working with the community and NCARC to promote ham radio and help with events in this  area.
We hosted our first on campus test session today with the help of some extra class VEs from NCARC and 10 people tested. All of them passed the elements they were working on (a few extras, a few generals, and a couple of techs). I also went for my Extra class test today and I passed. I got my VE certification through the ARRL a couple of months ago, but now the club will have enough Extra class VEs that we will be able to regularly offer all of the tests.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration you and the other members of SCARC have been to me. 

Hope everything is going well. I still get the emails and I really wish I could attend some of the talks at the meetings, but I'm all the way over here in Fort Collins. Say hi to the rest of the SCARC club from myself, Liam, and the newly rechartered CSU ARC.

We have a new Tech! Bob and Sue's granddaughter, Amanda (14), just received her call sign KG5FJX. Proud parents Steve (N0EEK) and Sarah (KF5BAX) and grandparents Bob (K9MWM) and Sue (N0DBY). Intense instruction was provided by Joe (K6WAO).

January 9, 2015 Repeater up date (146.88 MHz)
Turns out John Banks is the Engineer for KAJX for the 88.9 transmitter on Sunlight. They had a power supply failure about the same time, and actually had reduced the power that they put out. He has the replacement parts, and was planning on a trip up there tomorrow to repair it and work on some other stuff in other buildings. So, he's aware of the issue and is going to try to see what he can find and will give me a shout while he's up there to do some testing. He's very interested in resolving the issue, so I think we're headed down the right path.


Shirley Thomson passed away January 2, 1015 in Redstone, CO. She was the wife of Dave Thomson (deceased) KA0EOJ a longtime member of the Ski Country Amateur Radio Club. Also, the mother of John Thomson (W0IG), the manager of HRO Denver and active supporter of The Colorado Connection. A memorial service will be held Sunday - January 11th at 1 PM at The Church of Redstone. The obituary is available at www.postindependent.com


This was a busy week for the SCARC. Tuesday we had a crew of 5 up at Snowmass trying to correct an RF noise problem from florescent lights. After a full day - no solution! The crew was Rick (KB0AHR), Bill (N0MID, Jess (W6CKC), Gerry (N6HUQ), and Bob (K9MWM). Larry (K0CL) was in Carbondale giving us a weak signal source all day.

Saturday morning Gerry (N6HUQ) led the communications for Rally the Valley (Valley View Hospital Cancer Center) fund raiser. Assisting were Ken (KB0HP), Tom (KD0WAR), Trish Hittinger (N6SUM) and Sue (N0DBY). Thanks for sacrificing the meeting to support this event.

Our Saturday meeting had great attendance - 31! We had 3 terrific presentations. Jon Banks provided info on Glenwood Springs High's "Solar Rollers" program. This is a solar education program with model car design and racing as the learning vehicle. Fascinating! Anyone interested in contributing can send a check to GSHS - Solar Rollers, Attn: Anne Swanson, 1521 Grand Ave., Glenwood Springs, CO 81601. Steve (K0GUZ) did a wonderful slide show on travel and ham radio operation in South Africa. Nice background material on the country and beautiful pictures. Chuck (N0NHJ) finished the program with his Antarctic experiences over the last 14 years! Wow! Chuck then led the group on a trip to our Sunlight repeater site.

Testing at the September 20, 2014 meeting resulted in our newest Tech; Ken White from Parachute. The picture shows Ken, along with VE Pete (N0ECT), VE Bob (K9MWM) and VE Jess (W6CKC).

We had 17 members attending our Saturday, August 23 Club meeting. Even Sy, AE1V, long time member from Cuzco, Peru attended. The meeting topic was Kit Building. Phil, N0KE, brought in his Heath Kit AT-1 transmitter from his Novice days (late 1950s) and Bob, K9MWM, brought in a box containing an un-built
Heath Kit grid dip meter from 1977. Lot of cool kits from the past and present were displayed. Thanks to all who brought in their kits!

In the pictures above (left side), Bob, KI0G, describes his "Magnetic Loop" fishing
pole" antenna. It is for backpacking. He uses it to activate SOTA peaks on the 20 mb. You had to be there to see this. Make sure there is no wind when operating! Gary, AC0UZ, is holding the pole demonstrating "fish on"!


 On Saturday, July 19, the seven intrepid SCARC operators pictured below set out to keep tabs on several hundred revelers (and quite a few pub crawlers) on the Glenwood Cruise-a-thong. For the inexperienced, it was a bike ride of 4 or 5 miles, then a walk (in flip-flops or other water resistant footgear, hence the name) and then a float for half a mile or so down the Roaring Fork river. The winners were not the first to finish, but those nearest the “average” time.

Operators were: Clark and Pam Heckert (K3NI, KB3UDU), Ken and Betty Rahn (KB0HP, KD0YDH), Gerry and Trish Hittinger (N6HUQ, N6SUM), and Richard Todd (K4ULD). Positioned around the course, we kept an eye on the revelers and a good time was had by all. Afterward, there was a big party at Veltus Park which lasted well into the afternoon. Thanks again to all of the above operators that came out to help.
—Gerry Hittinger (N6HUQ)


Thanks to all who attended the 2014 Field Day. It was a great weekend weather wise but not that great band condition wise. Wonderful turnout with 54 attendees of which 41 were licensed hams. Lots of help for the Friday afternoon set up. Everyone who helped set up received a door prize! We had Field Day hats, pins, and T-shirts this year.

The morning started with an educational presentation by Bob (K9MWM) and Eric (K0JEG) on satellite communication. That gave the club their first 100 point bonus. Next KR7C copied the CW ARRL message for another 100 point bonus. All this before the operating even started. Emit (W0UAW), the Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator for Colorado, drove over from the Denver area and did a short presentation on ARES for our club. He also brought along a couple of able assistants: Lisa (K0UMH) and Greg (N1GEP).

Liam’s (KD0HDF) solar panels provided power for the SSB station for the full 24 hours. The other stations used generators. Pete (N0ECT) and Eric (K0JEG) again provided a local network for our logging computers. All stations were running at the noon start. We had four stations going (CW/Digital/SSB/GOTA).

The real excitement kicked in about 2 pm when the rumor was confirmed that one of the astronauts on the ISS space station, Reid (KF5LKT), was going to be operating voice. We fired up a 50 watt 2mb rig.  Ash (KQ0C) was acting as the rotor for the 11 element yagi, while Eric (K0JEG) called CQ for NA1SS, the call sign for the International Space Station. It took about five minutes and then there was a big cheer from the group when we heard K0RV QSL from the ISS!

Our annul Field Day pot luck was another successful event at 6pm Saturday evening. What a spread! enough food to feed an army, or better yet, an SCARC Field Day crew. Those who were not currently operating sat around for early evening conversation. The stations churned all night long. When the sun rose, band conditions improved a bit.

In the end we had 6,456 points, a full 200 more than 2013. This was due primarily to the CW group that set a new CW record for the club of 957 contacts, for 3,828 points! Thanks to the CW ops Stan (KR7C), Phil (N0KE), Christine (K0ALT) and Larry (N0ACW) for this extraordinary effort.

Well, when noon came around, the tear down started. I think we set a record on getting all the equipment packed and stowed away. I was on the road by 1 PM. Thanks to all who participated in this great event again demonstrating that hams can provide reliable emergency communications!

73 Bob – K9MWM

Click on "2014 Field Day Pictures" on the menu to see all the fun!

Click here for Number of Field Day Contacts

Click here for Field Day Score History


Pete (N0ECT) set up a blog for our Club at http://K0RV.Wordpress.com This is a great place to view and to post pictures, photos, articles, videos, whatever! To post content please contact Pete Buckley at SkierInAvon@Yahoo.com


LeRoy - KB0RCI - Silent Key‏

     Death always has that element of disbelief. LeRoy Snyder (KB0RCI) passed away Saturday, March 8, 2014. His family was with him at St. Mary's Hospital at the time. Our sympathy is extended to his family Bonnie Lee (mother), son Richard and one brother.
     LeRoy was licensed in February of 1995. He was the most active volunteer with the Ski Country Amateur Radio Club. He participated in most public service communication events from the Owl Creek Chase in the winter (Cross Country Skiing) to the Bike Ride for the Cure each summer. I'm sure that Navy cap he wore built that volunteer spirit!
     LeRoy loved to build antennas and experiment. One of my early memories was LeRoy bringing his son, Richard, to a Ham Radio Field Day when he 12. It was a pleasant surprise to see Richard attend our club's breakfast this morning. He is now working as an electronics technician in Yakima Washington. It gets better. He is studying for his Tech license. He will be using LeRoy's equipment and call in the near future.
    We miss you LeRoy! SK


Eleventh Prize: Kenwood TM-V71A
Winner: Fred Scully (K0VK), Woody Creek, Colorado

Fred is from Colorado but is a regular in the Yuma area during the winter, when he likes to dry camp in a small motorhome. He is also a dirt biker. Fred holds an extra class license.


Pictured above are Phil (N0KE), Ben (KD0YWJ) and Bob (K9MWM) Congratulations, Ben, from the Ski Country ARC VE Team!


Pictured above are Larry (K0CL), Betty (KD0YDH), Bob (K9MWM) David (KD0WQC) and Bryan (N0THY)  Congratulations, Betty and David, from the Ski Country ARC VE Team!


Snowmass #1 (67) is working as a stand-alone. The 440 link transmitter sending to Sunlight died, although the receiver was still working. Bob Ludtke, Jess Craig and Gerry Hittinger went up and checked things out and brought it down for repair. We also have an intermittent noise problem, a loud rasping buzz that is evidently a mixing problem; it is only present when someone is transmitting into 67 and disappears when the user’s carrier drops out. We are trying to locate the source of the interference.  We would appreciate it if people living/working up-valley would monitor 67 as much as they can and take note of what time of day they hear the interference and when they don’t. This might help in figuring out what is causing it.

#2 Lookout is now on the air from Bob Ludtke’s house. Bob is awaiting the delivery of a new 450 antenna to improve the link signal.


Echolink is now back on the air from Ken Rahn, KB0HP ’s house. 

Bob (KD0WQB) and Jim (KD0WAJ) will do an attempted run up to the Anvil Points repeater site this Friday. Snowmobiles? We will know soon. The batteries need topping off at the solar site as well as some old batteries need hauling out for recycling. Thanks guys!

New paragraph

New paragraph

Thanks to all who provided ham radio communications support for the Cancer Center fundraiser on September 21. This is our second year helping out at this bike ride event. Everything went very smoothly, including the weather (it rained last year)!

Gerry Hittinger (N6HUQ) was Net Control and is pictured here. Spread over the course were Bryan Frank (N0THY), Ken Rahn (KB0HP), Leroy Snyder (KB0RCI), Richard Todd (K4ULD) and Joe Sprick (AD0CF).


On September 20, Ken and Betty Rahn and Gerry Hittinger drove to the Snowmass repeater site and installed a new fan. Ken and Betty's four wheel drive jeep was a huge help on the rough terrain.

Gerry designed the new fan, which reverses the air flow, sucking cool air in from outside and letting it blow into the room through the vents in the closet. He removed the flapper on the dryer type outlet on the outside of the building and replaced it with a piece of screen ("mouse guard"!). They also installed a thermostat, now set to 80 degrees, which can easily be adjusted.


VE Bob (K9MWM), Dave Rahn (KD0WQC) new Tech, VE Bryan (N0THY), VE Fred (K0VK), Brent Williams (KD0WAK) General upgrade, Bob Glenn (KD0WQB) new Tech, and Jim Legg (KD0WAJ) General upgrade. Congratulations to all those who tested!


Many thanks to those who helped put new siding on our Sunlight repeater building. The before and after pictures show what a huge difference!

(click here for pictures)

The first annual Susan G. Komen Aspen Ride for the Cure took place in September, 2005, and SCARC was there.  The City of Aspen Events Coordinator worked with the Komen-Aspen organization to plan and coordinate the Ride, and they contacted Joe Tuminaro, K6JFT, who lived in Aspen, and asked him to coordinate the communications.  He set up a communications plan, and SCARC volunteers manned the sag wagons and the aid stations.  Joe soon moved back to California, but Komen Aspen has continued to rely on SCARC for Ride communications every year since.

We had 15 hams and 2 spouses volunteer this year:
-  Sue N0DBY and Bob K9MWM worked at Net Control
-  Sag Wagons were manned by:
        Steve W0SRG
        Stan KR7C
        Gerry N6HUQ
        Bryan  N0THY
        Charles AC0UY accompanied by 4 year old Merrick
-  Aid Stations were manned by
        Christine K0ALT and Mike
        Bob KI0G
        Richard K4ULD and Bridget
        Liam KD0HDF
        Bill KD0VOY
        Rob K0ALN
        Trish N6SUM
        LeRoy KB0RCI

Thanks to all the above volunteers, the Ride went very smoothly. Problems at aid stations were communicated and quickly addressed. Sag wagons and aid stations dealt with the few bike failures and minor injuries speedily and efficiently. We managed to account for all the Ride participants and break down aid stations as the Ride progressed.

The Ride started at 7:30 AM, and the final rider arrived at the finish line at Wagner Park by 5:30 PM, the earliest ever finish for the Ride. Komen Aspen has had a lot of personnel changes over the nine years we've been helping with the Ride. But every year the Ride coordinator has gratefully acknowledged our help in keeping the riders safe and the Ride on target. Thanks again to all the volunteers who helped this year. Hope to have even more volunteers for future Rides.


On Tuesday, July 23, a group led by N0NHJ spent the day refurbishing the Snowmass repeater installation in the Ski Patrol shack in the basement of the UP 4 Pizza at the top of the Big Burn ski area at Snowmass.

The main 2M antenna was replaced, most of the cable connectors were replaced with N connectors, and Polyphaser lightning arrestors were installed on all the cables where they enter the repeater closet.

Hopefully, we now have a more robust installation, more resistant to lightning strikes up there at the top of Snowmass.

Interior of the building (Up 4 Pizza) with a view of the closet where our equipment is housed. Antenna cables with Polyphasers and 2M duplexer is shown.

We all had a great time at Field Day this year; 47 people attended and our overall score was 6236 (as compared to 5858 in 2012). Many thanks to everyone who helped with set-up, take-down, food and working the stations for 24 hours. Special thanks to Prentice (K0VXP) for arranging to let us use such a beautiful venue each year

Not only did we beat our 2012 score, but we also had the largest test session ever, with 7 individuals testing (see pictures below). Congratulations to all!

Field Day 2013

Tom Hazard from Basalt (new Tech)

Bob Montgomery from Marble (new General)

Kris Shechter from Aspen (new Tech)

Joe Stearns from Eagle (new Tech)


VE Pete (N0ECT)

VE Bob (K9MWM)

Brent Williams from Parachute (new Tech)

Jim Legg from Silt (new Tech)

VE Jess (W6CKC)  

Thanks to Trish (N6SUM), Charles (AC0UY), Richard (K4ULD), LeRoy (KB0RCI) and Gerry (N6HUQ - not pictured) for providing communications support to the MS Walk in Glenwood Canyon on May 18. Despite rain showers, the event went off without a hitch!

Many thanks for hosting our annual Foxhunt Potluck Party at your lovely home. As usual, a great time was had by all!


Congratulations to Carmen, Bob, Brian and Bill for passing their tech test at the Foxhunt Party.

Thanks to Richard (K4ULD/G4ULD) for his program at the March meeting. Pete (N0ECT) and Frank (N0AFO) did a great presentation on "free"phone communication. Thanks to Larry (K0CL) and Steve (K0GUZ) fortheir behind the scenes work securing a new contract with one of our tenants up at Sunlight. That rent helps the club finances.



Thanks to all who worked on the Owl Creek Chase in Aspen. Sue, N0DBY, was net control. Many thanks to the following for volunteering their time and equipment. Steve (W0SRG), Clark (K3NI), Bill (N0MID), Debbie (KD0IRH), Rob (K0ALN), Charles (AC0UY), LeRoy (KB0RCI), Phil (N6VOD) and Bob (K9MWM).

We like to keep Technician, General or Extra Class license manuals in circulation. Bob (k9mwm) constantly gets requests for them and it is nice to hand one out rather than have someone wait or procrastinate in ordering one. Please donate recent manuals to Bob (k9mwm).

                              COUNT SINCE MARCH 27, 2016